Café Streets

Cafe Streets

Thanks to your advocacy and support, the City Council and Mayor Harrell extended Seattle’s free permits for the Cafe Streets program through January 2023!

Thank you for taking action to extend this important program that supports small businesses and creates streets for people! 

This year, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is building on the success of pandemic programs that kept small businesses open and enlivened our streets and communities. We will work to create a permanent Cafe Streets program that is safe, accessible and equitable. 

If you are interested in getting involved (no experience necessary!) in making this program permanent, please email

We want to thank Councilmember Dan Strauss for his leadership on this issue and Mayor Harrell for his continued support.

Why is this important to them?

Councilmember Strauss: “We know we create a more vibrant city when we use our public spaces as places to come together, gather, dine, and engage one another. Ensuring outdoor dining remains a feature of our city is incredibly important to increasing vibrancy. We are on the pathway to making outdoor dining permanent and I am thankful to everyone who continues to work towards making this possible. Still more work to do and I look forward to doing the work with you!”

Mayor Harrell: “The COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable hardship for small businesses that for years have served as mainstays in our communities and shaped the character of our neighborhoods. One silver lining in this challenging time has been seeing how these small businesses take and run with new opportunities to activate Seattle’s streets with outdoor dining and retail activities. Furthering Safe Start permits means continuing to provide an important tool for supporting Seattle’s small businesses, keeping communities healthy, and creating a future that is vibrant, welcoming, and flourishing for all neighbors. I am committed to achieving that future; and grateful to Councilmember Strauss for his consistent and determined leadership supporting these outdoor spaces and all of the proponents that reached out to our office in support of the extension.”

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